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Has THE current education system become impossible for you to defend and support?
What’s a micro-school? A micro-school is simply a small, independent school designed for children who need a flexible, and personalized learning environment.
If you’re anything like most of the educators I work with, you’ve been banging your head against a wall for years. Your students are frustrated and disengaged because of your school’s pacing, curriculum, or scheduling demands. They're aggravated by rigid rules and expectations that defy well-documented research. Or maybe your students have given up on learning altogether because they know they're forced to play a game they can't win. 
You’re all so over it...
You know that schools are forced to rely on standardized testing to value achievement over the happiness and health of their students, you try to meet your students’ actual needs in your classroom. However, no matter how altruistic your intentions, most conventional schools are working with a fixed mindset, and it’s simply not working for your students.

It’s true that traditional education has largely become a mad world, but you, as an educator, have the power to make things better. This is what drew you to education in the first place — isn’t it?
You’re ready to create an educational environment that is thoughtful, creative, and inclusive.
You know in your heart and mind that there’s a better way, but you aren’t sure where to start.

Maybe you read my book, Micro-Schools: Creating Personalized Learning on a Budget, but you want more help bridging the divide between a fixed mindset and operations of a traditional school, and this new frontier of education. Where do you get started?
I want you to feel empowered to take the future of your community’s education into your own hands.
Welcome to the Build Your Micro-School Institute
The Build Your Micro-School Institute is a 3-month online course packed with guidance and information on creating your own innovative learning environment
🔸 Each week I’ll host live calls and open office hours during which I'll take you through the process of creating a micro-school and simplify it.

🔸Together we’ll create an action guide that takes you through every step of building a micro-school.

🔸Additionally, you’ll have lifetime, 24/7 access to a community of peers who share your dream.
By the end of our time together, you will have a thoughtfully planned micro-school able to transform the educational experience of your community. I know this because I’ve poured my heart and soul as well as ten years of experience designing innovative learning environments into creating a special 3-month institute designed to walk you through each step of building your own micro-school. From getting clear on your vision to choosing a daily schedule, I’ll be with you every step of the way.
You may be thinking, “I don’t have time to create a micro-school!”
I’ll show you the actual time commitment- it might be much less than you expected.

Or, “This is way too much work!”
I’ll help you learn how to develop a system to delegate responsibilities and manage a team of people so you can focus on bringing your vision to life.

Are you concerned about choosing curriculum and educational technology that steps outside the traditional box you’ve been trained to work in?
I’ll show you how to curate resources in a way that works for your budget and supports non-standardized education.
“Children cannot be standardized and neither can their education.”
The Build Your Micro-School Institute includes 9 modules and 3 office hours, each with a live workshop and Q&A session. Here's what's included:
MODULE 1: Why Are You Here? Getting Your Story Straight
Together, we’ll get clear on what brought you to this point. This is not only critical for your own self-awareness, but it is also an important piece as you gather resources and community for your new micro-school. In this session we’ll cover the following topics and how to best talk about them :
🔸 Your child's story
🔸 Your story
🔸 Your family's story
MODULE 2: Who Will You Serve? Philosophy & Mission
 - Who will your student body be?
 - What do you want to offer?
 - Writing a Mission Statement
MODULE 3: Building Community & Recruiting Families
 - Where to look for families?
 - What they need to know?
 - Aligning visions (getting deposits)
MODULE 4: Website, Marketing & Reaching Out
 - Creating a successful website
 - Creating a Marketing Plan
 - Building your team
MODULE 5: Making & Creating Space
 - What would your ideal space look like?
 - How much are you willing to pay?
 - Finding your space
MODULE 6: Choosing a Lead Educator
 - What qualifications and qualities
 - Advertising and Interviewing
 - Making the decision
MODULE 7: Curriculum Building
 - Who are your students?
 - What are your educational values
 - Meeting in the middle
MODULE 8: Logistics, Environment & Schedules
 - What does your community want?
 - What can your space handle?
 - Finalizing a schedule realizing it will likely change
MODULE 9: Parents & Maintaining Connection
 - Releasing judgment
 - Coming together and playing nice
 - What to do with conflict
Plus office hours with jade and a private facebook community
 At the end of each month we'll have office hours wherein I'll answer any questions you may have and year-round access to our Facebook group where I’m always available for quick advice or input. Also, you will be automatically enrolled in the next institute.
We’re covering everything you need to build your micro-school – all in just 3 months!
“What’s gotten in the way of education in the United States is a theory of social engineering that says there is ONE RIGHT WAY to proceed with growing up.”
— John Taylor Gatto
Space is limited!
Our first meeting is Wednesday, June 20th!
Because we want to ensure that you get answers to your questions during the workshops there are only 15 seats available. The institute has a value of over $4,000! Sign up now and save.
The entire course, from beginning to end was insightful and valuable! Jade is fantastic — eager to collaborate, experienced with neurodiversity, and profoundly insightful when it comes to learning. She is a tremendous resource and a compassionate encourager.
- Jena Names
San Luis Obispo, CA
hi, i'm jade Rivera, your advocate and guide as you build your own micro-school
For nearly ten years I’ve made personalized learning my mission. I draw on my compassion as well as my personal and professional experience to help children understand who they are and how they learn. Then I translate that to the parents and professionals that care for them.
My training in Nonviolent Communication and my Montessori credential inspire my educational philosophies and practices. I graduated with a degree in Chemistry in 2002 from The Evergreen State College. Shortly after, I was awarded the renowned Fulbright Scholarship for study in Thailand. After a brief, successful yet unfulfilling career as a chemist, I made a switch to alternative education. I now consult with parents and educators through one-on-one coaching, speaking, and workshops on the characteristics of neurodivergent children and how to develop strategies that best serve their education and social-emotional development.
For several years, I led a micro-school in Oakland, CA, where I provided a unique and engaging learning environment that quirky children adored. Currently, I am a GHF Ambassador, and my book, Micro-Schools: Creating Personalized Learning on a Budget, shares my heart as well as the philosophies and practices I developed while building my own programs.
If you’re ready to take education into your own hands and build something that will change your community for the better, then you’re going to love the Build Your Micro-School Institute.
What is a micro-school?
Micro-schooling refers to a school where students meet fewer than five days per week, where class size is typically smaller than most schools (15 students or less in a classroom), and where classes are taught in a nontraditional manner compared to most educational models.
Typically, families who go to micro-schools are registered as homeschooling families, and the micro-school helps establish a core set of learning experiences that parents and educators can then expand upon and personalize for their children. It is often far more affordable than private school.
Classes tend to be more impactful due to meeting fewer times in the week, and these classes are typically hands-on and activity based. This approach is viewed as a replacement for the 5-day school week paradigm that is standard world-wide.
I'm an educator (not a parent) looking to make a change. Can I still join?
Absolutely, I encourage all educators to join us for a variety of reasons. For one, I think the educator perspective is critical and would be appreciated by our other members. Also, the more educators that are a part of this movement towards innovative education and personalized learning, the better off our children and our world.
What if I can’t make the live workshops/calls?
If at all possible, attempt to clear your schedule for our live calls as this is your chance to work alongside Jade & other institute participants and ask your questions. If you can’t make a call, the recording will be available to you on our members page so you can watch or listen at any time. Are you from Australia or Asia and our call times are middle of the night? Email us at, and if there’s interest then we may open a second workshop with later call times.
What happens when the institute is over?
Good question! You’ll have ongoing access to the live workshop videos and PDFs as well as our membership Facebook group. When we re-run the course you’ll have an open invite to join us, absolutely free.
I’ve already begun homeschooling my child; do I need this?
Micro-schooling is a perfect next step once you’ve decided to homeschool. It provides community and peers for your child and provides some structure for their learning environment. Moreover, you can collaborate with other parents to split some of the responsibilities of homeschooling. It’s a win for everyone!
Is there private time with Jade during the live workshops?
The nine modules and three Q&A sessions will be with the entire group, but there will be individual attention paid to each member that shows up and participates.
Will I be able to ask questions live?
Yes! We’ll have easy ways for you to ask your questions during the workshops and team members standing by to help during the live calls. One of the reasons we limit enrollment to 10 members is so each person attending can get support during the workshop.
What other expenses will there be?
Given the huge variety of micro-schools and the diversity in resources the participants will have, it’s impossible to estimate the additional expenses. The biggest expense will likely be the space that you rent and the staff that you hire. We will go over all this in detail during the workshops!
How much time will it take?
Our workshops will be 90 minutes each so we have plenty of time to teach the content and answer your questions. How much time it takes to create your micro-school will depend on how much you are able to accomplish between modules.
What if I get stuck?
We’ll be available throughout the three months in the Facebook group and on the calls to help you get unstuck, all you need to do is ask! We also encourage members to encourage each other and share ideas as you build out your micro-school – it’s so much easier than working alone!
Jade’s passion came through. She is very articulate and seemed excited to meet with us each week. Everything about the Build Your Micro-School Institute was enjoyable and valuable; the syllabus, handouts, Facebook group and quick responses in particular.
- Marcia Hines
Minneapolis, MN
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